Friday 29 August 2014

How To Change SAP Router Configuration File - Adding New Port

SAP Global team unable to remote access your Solution Manager and require additional port to be configure on the SAP router configuration file.

1) SAP Support team having problem to remote access the Solution Manager page (HTTP Access) for further remote support.

2) Initial finding shown the connection is ok.

3) Further finding shown, additional port required to be configure on the SAP router for HTTP access.

4) Sample of the configuration settings required.

5) To perform any changes on the SAP router configuration file, stop the SAProuter service.

6) Locate the "saprouttab" file (ex: c:/usr/sap/saprouter) and add the required ports.

7) Once the "saprouttab" changes complete, restart the "SAProuter" services.

8) SAP Global team should be able to remote access the page by now.