Thursday 11 December 2014

SAP GUI connection to SAP system in cloud without using SAPRouter

Alternative solution to access SAP system that install in the Cloud VM without using SAPRouter.

1) Getting connection error while trying to connect to the SAP system located in the cloud.

Example of Microsoft Azure Cloud: 

1) Enable the port:3200 on the endpoint page.

2) Add the outbound and inbound rules in VM firewall.

3) Retry the SAP GUI login, it should be fine by now.

Additional Info on ports used:

(Refer from: SDN page)

Sunday 7 December 2014

Resolve Oracle SQLPlus Login Error

When trying login to Oracle database encounter error: ORA-12560.

Method 1: Ensure Environment Variables: "ORACLE_SID" been set correctly.

Method 2: Ensure Oracle Service and Listener are running.
(OracleServiceSID and OracleSID11203TNSListener)
If the services already started, restart the services and retry the login again.

Wednesday 3 December 2014

How to resolve missing TR files during transportation

Administrator encounter error during transporting of TR where the files been deleted or remove due to various reason (ex: files been deleted during system house-keeping)


1) Sample error occur during transport.

2) Transport details.

3) Further details on the transport error.


1) Example of using HP Data Protector to restore the missing TR files.
    The TR files locate in: "/usr/sap/trans/cofiles" and "/usr/sap/trans/data"

2) Restore the required "cofiles" files.

4) restore the required "data" files.

5) Once the required files been restore, ensure the correct "owner and group" properties be configure.
     - /usr/sap/trans/cofiles
     - chown prdadm/qasadm *.DEV
     - chgrp sapsys *.DEV

6) Perform the same configuration on "owner and group" for data files.
     - /usr/sap/trans/data

7) Redo the transport and it should be working by now...

Friday 26 September 2014

How to test FTP Connection on SAP GUI

One of the ways to test the connection of FTP in SAP GUI with FTP server.

1) Execute TCODE: SA38 and enter the program name: RSFTP002

2) Enter the FTP username, password, IP, FTP command to be execute and the RFC connection. Click the "Execute" button.

3) Example of the connection details.

1) Default RFC connection for FTP

2) Ports require for the FTP connection (ex: used for firewall policies/rules)

*NN = instance number 
(DEV instance number:38 port use: 3338, QAS instance number:68 port use: 3368 etc).

Saturday 20 September 2014

How to Reset "ddic" Password with SAP*


You have forgotten the ddic password on client:000 during patch activity and do not have any other login to reset the password.

The solution is to use the default "SAP*" user to reset the password


1) Login to any other client -> execute TCODE: RZ10 -> change the parameter: "login/no_automatic_user_sapstar =0"  (this is to allow "SAP*" to access the system)

2) Save and activate the profile

3) Restart the SAP services

4) Now login into the client:000 with user: "SAP*" and password: "pass"-> execute TCODE: SU01 -> Reset the "ddic" password

5) Repeat the same step as step 1 and 2 by changing the "login/no_automatic_user_sapstar =1" (to disable "SAP*" access to system)

6) Restart the SAP services

7) System is secure and "SAP*" no longer acessible

1) SQL command to check whether "SAP*" exist in table: USR02

2) SQL Command to show schema used

Friday 29 August 2014

How To Change SAP Router Configuration File - Adding New Port

SAP Global team unable to remote access your Solution Manager and require additional port to be configure on the SAP router configuration file.

1) SAP Support team having problem to remote access the Solution Manager page (HTTP Access) for further remote support.

2) Initial finding shown the connection is ok.

3) Further finding shown, additional port required to be configure on the SAP router for HTTP access.

4) Sample of the configuration settings required.

5) To perform any changes on the SAP router configuration file, stop the SAProuter service.

6) Locate the "saprouttab" file (ex: c:/usr/sap/saprouter) and add the required ports.

7) Once the "saprouttab" changes complete, restart the "SAProuter" services.

8) SAP Global team should be able to remote access the page by now.

Friday 6 June 2014

Authorization: Resolve Asset Report That Not Showing Any Data

Scenario: Users unable to view certain finance reports.

Example: TCODE: S_ALR_87011963

No data to be display for the particular report

System trace on the missing authorization (TCODE: SU53), OBJ "A_A_VIEW" required attention.

System trace on the missing authorization (TCODE: ST01)

Default full authorization already been assigned to the object "A_A_VIEW" but insufficient for the report to be shown.

SNOTE on such incident (141876).


Ensure the correct authorization been configure for the 4 objects as recommended by SNOTE.





5) Once the correct value been configured, the report displaying the data successfully.