1) Extracting User Assignment: Users, Roles, TCODE, Object, Value with SQVI

2) Avoid Pop-Up of Transport Request Option in QAS Environment

3) Roles - Changing User Company Code

4) Roles - Deleting TCODE with PFCG

5) Steps to Download / Upload Roles into SAP System - Shortcut for the STMS?

6) Creating Transport Request for Roles (DEV -> PRD)

7) How to troubleshoot SAP authorization issue

8) Precaution when adding or removing TCODE in roles

9) Resolving Missing Authorization Error

10) Creating Master and Derived Roles

11) Authorization: Synchronizing roles in other system to CUA

12) User Management with CUA: Create New User and Locked User

13) Authorization: Using ST03N to trace TCODE used by specific user 

14) Authorization: Comparing role between different systems

15) How to view all single roles that attached to a composite role

16) How to search for composite role by using single role that attached to it and vice versa

17) Authorization: How to create a mass roles transport request using PFCG

18) How to change the message in SAP GUI logon screen

19) Running SAP Load Generator SGEN after new installation or upgrade

20) How to display authorization objects for specific TCODE  

21) How to enforce of authorization in Adhoc query

22) How to troubleshoot on common error that occur when unlocking user account with CUA

23) Authorization: Resolve Asset Report That Not Showing Any Data

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  1. Do you have the list of authorizations that a BASIS should and may have?
    Of course we won't give SAP_ALL or SAP_NEW.

    1. Probably you can refer to this site:

    2. Thank you man
      Continue like this. You are saving new SAP Basis