1) SAP IDES ECC6 Installation Guides - In The Cloud

2) Installation: How to setup Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server in Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012 for SAP installation - Part 1

3) Installation of SAP Solution Manager in Windows platform compatible with Amazon or Azure Cloud / Hyper-V / Standalone server

Administration / Maintenance

1) How to apply a SAP package

2) Performance Tuning Tools - Workload Monitoring

3) Lock Entries Management: SM12

4) Security: User Activities Monitoring: SM20

5) Changing the printers: Device types

6) Post / Broadcast of System Message

7) Execute OS command from SAP GUI

8) How to determine SAP system is up and running

9) Administration: What is a client and method to create a new client

10) Administration: Client copy within same instance

11) Administration: How to delete a client

12) Administration: System Copy vs System Refresh

13) Administration: What is Remote Function Call (RFC) and TCODE: SM59

14) Administration: Overview and transport routes of Transport Management System (TMS)

15) How to send a dialog message to login user

16) Administration: Introduction to common trace options in SAP

17) Administration: Creating a customized TCODE with SE93

18) Administration: Creating a new menu node with SE43

19) Administration: How to unlock & reset SAP* user in Oracle

20) Administration: Resolve RFC error during client copy

21) Administration: How to lock and unlock a client

22) SAP BR*Tools an interactive interface for Oracle database management

23) How to troubleshoot for SAP security log missing in SM20

24) Troubleshooting for audit log not shown in ST01

25) How to display SAP profile parameters

26) How to open SAP system connection for SAP Global Support

27) How to troubleshoot SAP router connectivity issue and renew of the SAP router Certificate

28) Troubleshoot: Common issues or errors on accessing "SOLMAN_WORKCENTER" in SAP Solution Manager

29) How to execute or run J2EE Engine Visual Administrator

30) How to configure Single Sign On (SSO) between SAP GUI (backend system) and Portal (Front end)

31) Administration: Code to enable the edit option for parameter change (RZ11)

32) Compare the customizing settings between the 2 systems/clients with SCU0

33) Forcing a transport between system with different patch level

34) Introduction and how to configure SAP Web GUI

35) How to install SAP license from OS level

36) Administration: HP-UX commands to verify hard disk status after replacement

37) How to lockdown a specific TCODE

38) How to use Parameter IDs (PIDs)

39) How to view system parameter with SE38

40) Authorization: Example of Resolving Solution Manager Monitoring Error - RFC_NO_AUTHORITY

41) Solution Manager: EarlyWatch Alert - Fix for Common Timeout Error on Remote System

42) Administration: How To Delete Spool Request In Queue That Causing ABAP Runtime Error

43) Authorization: User been granted with additional roles unintentionally

44) HPUX: How to create an native OS backup using make_tape_recovery

More Coming Soon...


  1. Amazing website good work by Eddie with specific content.

    Eddie can you provide me step by step config of SOLMAN 7.10/latest version with Sap Router,MOPZ,EWA,Service desk ,LVM.
    CHARMS config , Computer Associates - Wily Introscope config.

    *plz mail me any doc/pdf with screenshots to my mail id

    DB2,Sybase,Maxdb administration.

    Thankful to you

  2. Good work by Eddie the topic are specific with relevant screenshot.

    Eddie can u provide me doc/pdf/procedure for Solman 710/latest configuration , Sap Router , MOPZ ,EWA ,Service Desk ,LVM
    CHARMS , CA Willy introscope ,
    * if possible mail me at

    DB2,Sybase,Maxdb administration.
    thankful to you,

    1. Probably you can refer to the post which contains the basic steps for Solman installation:

  3. Plz provide step by step procedure for data coping for PRD to DEV server

    1. You can the post:

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