Tuesday 12 May 2015

HPUX: How to create an native OS backup using make_tape_recovery

After a clean HPUX OS installation, you would like to perform a native backup of the OS before further configuring it.

*Assupmtion: hostname and network has been pre-configure during the OS installation from DVD

Option 1 (using menu):
Limitation of this option: unable to backup file > 8GB

1) Enter: make_tape_recovery -i -> Press "Enter"

2) Select the tape drive

3) Select with the "default" options

4) Highlight the "vg00"

5) select "add the selected disk/vgs", the selection will shown on the lower right hand box

6) Highlight the "vg01"

7) Select “add the selected disk/vgs”, the "vg01" will shown on the lower right hand box

Option 2 (using command):

1) Perform "ioscan -fnkC tape"  to obtain the drive to use later in the ignite command

2) Enter "make_tape_recovery –m pax -a /dev/rmt/0mn -x inc_entire=vg00 -x inc_entire=vg01"
    Parameter explanation:    
    - pax parameter is to enable backup of files > 8GB
    - -x inc_entire=vg00 or vg01 is the parameter to include which vg for the backup
    - /dev/rmt/0mn = /dev/rmt/c2t0d0BESTn

3) wait until the tape creation complete

4) Sample message of the make tape complete successfully

If encounter Ignite backup tool versioning error, perform an patch/fix and retry the backup steps above.

1) Download and execute the Ignite software and execute the install software command (#swinstall –s)

2) Select all the Ignite software

3) "Actions" -> "Mark it for install"

4) Once it’s marked

5) "Actions" -> Select "Install"

6) Click on “OK”  when it’s ready to start the installation

7) Installation in progress

8) Once installation completed. Select “Done”

9) That's all the steps to re-install the Ignite software in HPUX