Tuesday 10 September 2013

How to change the message in SAP GUI logon screen

Scenario: To customize the SAP GUI logon screen message after new installation / upgrade.

Steps to customize the SAP GUI logon screen:

1) The default logon message

2) Execute TCODE: SE61 -> Select Document Class as General text (TX) -> select preferable language -> Document Name as "ZLOGIN_SCREEN_INFO". Create a new one if it not exist or select Change to modified an existing one.

3) Change the message accordingly and once complete save and activate it. For insertion of icon refer to step 5 for getting the list of available icons in SAP system.

4) Click save and it will prompt for transport request creation.

5) For a list of all the icon available in SAP, execute the report "RSTICON" with TCODE: SE38

6) Select Icons as ABAP List.

7) All the icons available will be shown and use the "Code" in the message modification. Ex: @76@

8) Sample of the modified logon screen.

Simple isn't ...

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