Wednesday 3 December 2014

How to resolve missing TR files during transportation

Administrator encounter error during transporting of TR where the files been deleted or remove due to various reason (ex: files been deleted during system house-keeping)


1) Sample error occur during transport.

2) Transport details.

3) Further details on the transport error.


1) Example of using HP Data Protector to restore the missing TR files.
    The TR files locate in: "/usr/sap/trans/cofiles" and "/usr/sap/trans/data"

2) Restore the required "cofiles" files.

4) restore the required "data" files.

5) Once the required files been restore, ensure the correct "owner and group" properties be configure.
     - /usr/sap/trans/cofiles
     - chown prdadm/qasadm *.DEV
     - chgrp sapsys *.DEV

6) Perform the same configuration on "owner and group" for data files.
     - /usr/sap/trans/data

7) Redo the transport and it should be working by now...

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