Thursday 16 January 2014

Administration: HP-UX commands to verify hard disk status after replacement

A little bit sidetrack from SAP topic, some of the commonly used HP-UX commands to verify on the hard disk status.

To obtain the relevant hard disk information

1) To show all the disks that currently connected to the server
    Command: ioscan –fnkC disk

2) To show the status of the hard disk
    Command: ioscan –fnkd ciss (to get the driver name)

    Command: sautil /dev/ciss0 (Utility to show the disk property)

Parameter meaning:
f=give full listing
 n=show device file names
k=show kernel structure; don’t scan hardware
C=show hardware in specified class

d=show hardware controlled by specified driver

Example of the sautil (Utility): 

Assumption: the server is running with 2 hard disks on RAID 1

1) One of the hard disk encounter error/failure

2) The server is currently running with one hard disk and experiencing failure on the other

3) Replication/mirroring is in progress (automatically started once a new hard disks been replace/hot swap)

4) Mirroring complete

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