Tuesday, 8 September 2015

How to ensure security log is running after SAP service restart

Scenario: The SM20 audit log was not activated after SAP service restart and require to startup manually.


A) Turn on the audit log every time the SAP started
1) Execute tcode: SM19 -> Click Edit -> Click save to enable the audit log

2) Test the SM20 to determine activities been capture

B) Set the profile parameter: rsau/enable = 1
1) Execute tcode: SM19  - > Click Environment -> Click Profile Parameter -> Check the value of "rsau/enable" parameter whether been set to 1 (0 = audit is not activated, 1 = audit is activated)

2)  If the current value = 0 change the value to = 1 using tcode: RZ10

3) Test the SM20 after SAP service restart  to determine activities been capture

References: SAP security log


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