Monday 5 August 2013

Administration: Resolve RFC error during client copy

In rare case, administrator might experience RFC error during the client copy process.

Steps to create the RFC for client copy:

1) TCODE: SCCL and sample screen of client copy

2) Subsequent screen of the client copy

3) Error occur on the client copy

4) Login to client: 000 with DDIC or SAP* or any administration account and execute TCODE: SM59 to create a RFC connection for the source client (FINBTR@<SID>CLNT<SourceClient>)

5) Used a login account with "sap_all" in the source client and test the connection with "Remote Logon" and "Connection Test" button

6) Continue the client copy process and the error on "step 3" should be resolve


  1. can you please specify from which client to which client you are trying to copy?

    I am trying to copy from client 800 to client 850.
    so shall i create a RFC connection for client 800 or 850?
    quite confused!

    1. As mentioned on step 4, create the RFC connection in client 000 for the source client. In your case client 800.