Wednesday 31 July 2013

Authorization: How to create a mass roles transport request using PFCG

To deploy roles from DEV to QAS server, the administrator could create the transport request in TCODE: PFCG for each role individually or with the mass transport option to combine multiple roles in one transport request.

In this sample we'll show the usage of the mass transport options:

1) Execute TCODE: PFCG

2) Select "Utilities" -> "Mass transport"

3) Insert all the roles that need to create the transport request

4) Select the "tick" button

5) Select the "tick" button

6) Select the "tick" button by using the default selection

7) Enter the required details for the new transport request

8) Take note on the request created and select the "tick" button

9) The list of the request that contains all the roles including any master or derived roles that relevant to the roles inserted previously.

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