Wednesday 18 September 2013

How to open SAP system connection for SAP Global Support

There will be circumstances where the SAP systems required to be accessed by SAP Global Support team for troubleshooting ex: for system assessment, performance tuning and etc.


1) Login to SAP support portal -> Help & Support -> Connect to SAP -> Maintain Connections

2) Select the SAP system to be connect by SAP global support.

3) Click on the R/3 Support hyperlink to configure to connections (if this is not appear, it required to create a new link from the "Set up Connections types" area at the bottom)

4) Click "Maintain Access Data" to save the SAP system login details

5) Enter the relevant SAP system login details

6) Enter the duration of the connection and click the "Start Service Connector" button

7) Wait until the service connector screen shown successful and click the "Yes" button

8) The SAP router status will shown connected

9) Use the "logbook" button to trace the connectivity details or TCODE: ST04 on the SAP System

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