Sunday 27 October 2013

Compare the customizing settings between the 2 systems/clients with SCU0

There might be times you want to compare the customizing settings between 2 systems/clients. Example when some transactions are behaving differently between systems/clients and you are suspecting that some of the customizing is missing from one of them.

TCODE: SCU0 offers a flexible way to perform comparison include by selecting exactly which parts of the IMG (Implementation Guide) that require to be compared and also allows comparison results to be stored for later use and reference.


1) Execute TCODE: SCU0, in this example we'll try compare with the option "All Components", Click "Create" button

2) Select the relevant RFC connection to the target system/client (Reference: What is RFC)

3) Click "Total Comparison in Background" button. Enter the description and once the comparison is ready, user would be able to display the result at any time with the Comparison run ID assigned.

4) Select the relevant background server

5) Click "Immediate" button and the "Check" button

6) Click the "Save" button to begin the comparison process.
 7) Execute TCODE: SM37 to verify the background job is running

8) Click the "Display" button to view the comparison result even it still in the mid of processing. Ensure the correct Comparison run ID.

9) Example the logon client:001 contains 254 entries in the table whereas the comparison client"000 there are no entries in the table at all

10) Click the "Statistics" button to shown the relevant status and the details of the object type

11) Click the "Legend" button to shown more information

12) This is a useful tool that helps to solve problems quicker by making quick comparisons of customizing across various clients and/or systems to identify possible missing or erroneous of customizing.

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