Tuesday 3 December 2013

Forcing a transport between system with different patch level

Scenario: TR to be transport between system with different software version. Ex: DEV server been patch with latest SP while QAS server still pending for upgrade and running on lower SP.

Steps to force the TR:

1) Example: DEV with higher software version compare to QAS

2) Transport the TR with STMS

3) Click "Yes" button to start the TR 

4) Error will occur due to software version conflict

5) Click the "Question Mark" for further details

6) Re-run the transport again. Click "Yes" button

7) Click the "Options" tab and select the option: "Ignore Invalid Component Version". Probably you might need to select the rest of the options as well.

8) Click the "Yes" button

9) The TR is running

10) The TR complete with the status showing "Does not match component version"

11) Review the TR import log for further details

12) The TR successful transport between system

13) Don't forget to check the configurations / changes / roles / ABAP program etc whether it's been transported successfully into the target system.

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