Wednesday 26 March 2014

How to troubleshoot on common error that occur when unlocking user account with CUA

Example on how to resolve common error that occur during unlocking users account with CUA.

Example of system used:
CUA System - (System : PRD, Client: 900)
Client System - (System: QAS, Client: 688)

1) CUA: Try execute "Global" unlock in CUA

2) QAS: In receiving system (QAS c688) user account still showing "Global locked" message when administrator trying to unlock the account again

1) CUA: Execute TCODE: SCUL to check the status of the unlock

2) CUA: Result showing the global unlock was not success for QAS c688

3) CUA: Execute TCODE: SCUA and click the display button to check child systems status

4) CUA: QAS system is showing error that causing the global unlock failed

5) CUA: Execute TCODE: SM59 and double click the relevant system to check the QAS RFC connection

6) CUA: Click the "Connection Test" button

7) CUA: The connection test result is ok

8) CUA: Proceed to the next RFC authorization test

9) CUA: Root cause found, that due to the RFC user account been locked

10) CUA: Get the relevant QAS user account used for the RFC

11) QAS: Unlock the required user account and retry the Global locked and unlocked action in CUA

12) Finally in CUA: TCODE:SCUL showing locked/unlocked actions been process successfully

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