Tuesday 23 July 2013

Administration: Creating a new menu node with SE43

Steps to create a new menu node that attached to a customized TCODE ...


1)  Execute TCODE: SE43 and enter the menu name to create a new node

2) Click the "Extend" button.

3) double click on the relevant "Report Menu"

4) Select the sub node to be create and click on the "Add Entry at Same Level' button.

5) Enter the descriptions and the customized TCODE to be shown.

6) Create the new transport request.

7) New Menu item created

8) The new node appear in the menu.

 9) Double click to execute the program / TCODE.

* To delete the node
1) Access the SE43 as shown above and select the node to be delete.

2) Click the "Yes" button.

3) The node been removed.

Further details:

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