Thursday 18 July 2013

Administration: Introduction to common trace options in SAP

Some of the common trace options in SAP system that available for administrator.

1System LogSM21SAP applications servers record events and problem in system logs
2Dump AnalysisST22Short dump generated from unpredictable runtime errors occur by ABAP program
3System TraceST01Internal SAP system activities ex: authorization checks, database accesses, kernel function, RFC calls
4Performance TraceST05Analyse database select statements such as database calls, lock management calls, remote calls of reports and transaction 
5Developer TraceST11Contains process trace technical information that useful to investigate host and internal SAP problems / errors

1) System Log: SM21

2) Dump Analysis: ST22

3) System Trace: ST01

4) Performance Trace: ST05

5) Developer Trace: ST11

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