Thursday 4 July 2013

Authorization: Using ST03N to trace TCODE used by specific user

Are you wondering how to trace the common TCODE that been accessed by certain user?

With the use of TCODE: ST03N, the list of TCODE that been accessed by user could be displayed with just few click.


1) Execute TCODE: ST03N

2) Click "Expert mode" button

3) Click on the "Today" node and select the date range accordingly (Ex: the Month node). Select the "User and Settlement Statistics" and click on the "User Profile"

4) Select "Task Type" and "DIALOG" option

5) The list of users shown. Double click on the relevant user to shown TCODE access by it

6) List of TCODE and analysis of it show in a new pop-up window.

Try to export such information into database or excel worksheet for further analysis....