Thursday 6 June 2013

Changing User Company Code In Roles

In this sample, you'll see how easily authorization data can be update.

There will be two method to access the "role" for modification.

Option 1: with "SU01"

Step 1: Enter the relevant ID

Step 2: Select “Roles” tab and double click the relevant roles (except composite role) and this will execute the "PFCG"

Step 3: Continue in option 2.

Option 2: with "PFCG"

Step 1: Press F6 for edit mode. Select “authorization” tab. Click “Pencil” icon for changing authorization for selected roles.

Step 2: Click “Organization level” button on top

Step 3: Change the company code inside the pop up screen and click save

Step 4: Click the “Generate” button on top (Circle with red and white) to generate the changes

Step 5: Continue the same process for other roles

Done. simple isn't...

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