Saturday 15 June 2013

Resolving Missing Authorization Error

There are times where users encounter incomplete authorization error, example after a new TCODE been introduced and as Basis administrator you need to pinpoint the missing authorization objects and the required values.

There are 2 ways to find the required missing authorization:

Option 1: To gather the authorization by executing by the user, using "SU53"

User would able to show the summary of the authorization trace that require when they are trying to perform certain TCODE or feature but encounter missing authorization error.

Option 2: Perform authorization trace by the administrator

TCODE: ST01 is the tool to solve this issue with authorization trace. This trace results will shows all checked authorization objects and values leads to the missing authorization behavior.

1) Select the trace components

2) Click "General Filters" button to enter the relevant User to be trace with

3) Click the "Trace On" button. Once it running the button text will change to "Trace Off"

4) User perform the TCODE or simulate the activities that having missing authorization issue

5) Once the user simulate the error, click "Analysis" button to view the trace results.

6) Select or enter the relevant filter options and click the "Execute" button

7) From here, locate the missing authorization object or value.

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