Thursday 6 June 2013

Roles - Deleting TCODE with PFCG

Step 1: Access to "PFCG" and enter relevant role and click the “Pencil” icon for edit mode

Step 2: Select “Menu” tab and click the “Find” button and enter the role to be delete from the “role menu” treeview

Step 3: Result of the TCODE locate in the “role menu” treeview

Step 4: Select the relevant TCODE in the treeview and click “delete” button

Step 5: Click “Authorization” tab and click “Change Authorization Data” button to ensure all the object and value is ok

Step 6: Click “Generate” button, Go to Step 7

Conditions might occur: (Yellow or Red icon appear)

Option 1: For any “Yellow” icon select it and “de-active” the unnecessary object and click “Generate” button, Go to Step 7

Option 2: For item in red color (Ex: try to assign company code which missing from the “Organization Levels” button will resolve the issue)

- Ex: For value: $Bucks appear for the error to be resolve

- Enter the nearest company code and click “Save”

- Click “Generate” after company code error been resolved and click “Back”, Go to Step 7

Step 7: If  the “User” tab show “Yellow” icon

Step 8: Select “User” tab and click the “User Comparison” button

Step 9: Click “Complete Comparison” button

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