Wednesday 26 June 2013

Administration: Client copy within same instance

As Basis administrator, performing local client copy would recommended to be execute by the user with "SAP_ALL" authorization. The example below would be assuming the administrator with the access of the ORACLE database as well.

Prerequisite before performing client copy to avoid data in-consistencies:

1) Lock all the users by using TCODE: SM04 (By single user) / SU10 (Mass users) or AL08

2) Suspended all background process with TCODE: SE38, enter "BTCTRNS1" and click the "execute button"

3) Ensure hard disk space is sufficient Ex: using TCODE: DB02 

Steps to perform local client copy:

1) Ensure the new client to be create is not in the system either using TCODE: SCC4 or from Oracle database.
    - Execute: sqlplus "/ as sysdba"
    - Enter: select mandt, count(*) from sapsr3.usr04 group by mandt; to show all client in the instance

2) Enter: select mandt, count(*) from sapsr3.usr04 group by mandt having mandt=702; ("No row selected" which mean is clear to proceed the client copy)

3) Create the client in the target instance, execute TCODE: SCC4 to create a new client in the list

4) New client created and ready to perform client copy

5) The new client will not be able to be access showing "name or password is incorrect"

6) Login with "sap*" on the target client to begin the client copy

7) Execute TCODE: SCCL and select all the relevant details. Ex: profile to be create.

8) When prompt for the number of process, select the default or add more.

9) Select "Schedule in Background Job" button instead "Start Immediately" which require the GUI to be sign-on when processing.

10) Select the "Immediately" option and click "Schedule Job" button

11) Click "Continue" button

12) The background job started

13) Execute TCODE: SCC3 to monitor the client copy progress (this can be monitor from others clients in the same instance as well)

14) Sample details of the progress on the client copy

15) Another sample details of the progress on the client copy

16) Third sample screen of the progress

17) Once complete, the log summary will shown.

18) Details of the progress

19) With the SQL command, clearly shown users where created for the new client

20) The "success" status

21) Login the new client with existing user ID.

22) The system status if the new client

23) Verifying on the user configurations

24) The details of the clients in SCC4

25) Finally, don't forget to run the program "BTCTRNS2" to release all the background job on the source client.


  1. Do you mind to explain a bit about what is mandt?
    Thank you.

    1. mandt is the column in the SAP table that contain the client number

  2. Is it client ID which is unique? Thanks for your reply.

  3. i m getting error "couldn't open www1\sapmnt\trans\log cc0000.sai" how to resolve?

    1. You might want to try the solution:

  4. Hi I want to what is the purpose of the client copy an why do you need it for!

    1. Some info about SAP Client:

      1) Client in SAP system: A client is organizational and legal entity in the SAP system. All the business management data is protected here because other clients can not access them. The main objective of the client is to keep the data isolated. Eg: user data, Transaction data, Master data.

      2) Client independent data: All the repository objects, ABAP programs are common for all client.

      3) Client copy - Local or Remote or export/import - all these will copy the client dependent data only, not the repository objects

      4) System Copy - Exact copy of systems with all clients, client dependent data and along with the cross client data.