Tuesday 25 June 2013

Administration: What is a client and method to create a new client

What is client: 
In SAP world, a client is attach with an instance (SID). It provides isolation of data and one client cannot see the data of the other client. Depends on the hardware infrastructure of the system, theoretically we can create a number of clients from 000 to 999.

What does a client contains:
1) Application Data: Is the data that are stored in the database tables
2) Customizing Data: Is the data created by users when they customize their systems
3) User Master Record: Is the set of data which is commonly used across the entire organization and all business processes, normally Basis administrator are responsible for maintaining the user master record and assigning authorizations for it.

Common method to create a client

Method 1: within the same instance
1) Local client copy, TCODE: SCCL
Explanation: Copy client within the same instance (SID)

Method 2: Between different instances

1) Remote client copy, TCODE: SCC9
Explanation: Remote client copy is through RFC and it will not create a transport request

2) Client Import / Export. TCODE: SCC8
Explanation: Client Export is via transport, when performing a client export the system will create more than 1 transport request depends on the profile selected. Client Export will create cofile and data file in source system /usr/sap/trans data and cofile directory. Copy the transport requests to the target system Data file and Cofile. These transport will required to import into the target client using tp addtobuffer and tp import command, after the import would need to run transaction TCODE: SCC7 in target system which will perform the post import activities for the client import. 

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