Thursday 27 June 2013

Administration: How to delete a client

As Basis administrator, there are time to remove a unwanted client from the system. Sample below shown how to perform the client deletion


1) Login to the target client to be delete

2) Execute TCODE: SCC5, click the "background" button and enter the preferable number of process.

3) Verify the option selected and click the "Continue" button

4) Monitor the progress using TCODE: SCC3 (can be monitor from other clients as well)

5) Sample of the delete progress

6) Another sample screen of the delete progress

7) Using SQL command to ensure no users are available for the deleted client

8) Some logs of the client delete progress

9) The "Successful" status 

10) Log will be shown once the progress complete

11) The client no longer appear in the SCC4

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