Tuesday 4 June 2013

Avoid Pop-Up of Transport Request Option in QAS Environment

Avoid Pop-Up of Transport Request Option in QAS Environment

Scenario: users performing UAT in QAS and required master data changes (Ex: OB52) and required transport request to be create, as Basis how can you avoid such situation.

TR screen appear:

By using the setting Changes and Transports for Client-Specific Objects option to "Changes without automatic recording" in SCC4 will overcome this issue.

Some explanation on the options:

The Client specific change options are: 

Changes w/o automatic recording:- client dependent objects may be changed without being recorded in change requests. Used for tests or training clients.

Automatic recording of changes: attempts to make client dependent changes will result in a prompt for a change request in which to record the changes. Used for customizing clients

No changes allowed:- client dependent objects cannot be changed. Used for production, SAP reference clients or test clients in QA.

Changes w/o automatic recording, no transports allowed: changes are allowed but cannot be transported out of the system. Used for sandbox, pre-config. clients or training clients.

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