Sunday 23 June 2013

Execute OS command from SAP GUI

To perform tasks more efficiently, Basis administrator can execute operating system command directly from SAP GUI. Instead of logging into the operating system to run the OS command.

The common TCODE to run the OS command: SA38 and SM69

Option 1: TCODE: SA38

1) Enter "RSBDCOS0" in the program option

2) Enter the OS command to be execute

3) The OS command that been executed

Option 2: TCODE: SM69

1) Select the OS command to be execute and click the "execute" button

2) Enter the OS command parameter and click the "execute" button

3) Results of the OS command


  1. Why BASIS need to access the OS?

    1. Alternative way to execute certain OS command from the GUI and the execution can be track as well for reference if require