Thursday 13 June 2013

How to shutdown and startup Oracle manually

There might be time you want to shutdown / startup only the Oracle DB.

The default "STOPSAP" script by SAP will shutdown SAP and follow with the Oracle. "STARTSAP" scripts will startup the Oracle first then follow by starting-up the SAP.

1) Login to the relevant user and execute the shutdown command

2) Startup command

That is the simple steps to restart Oracle DB ..


  1. Hi just like to check seen some site indicate C>sqlplus /nolog then followed by connect as /as sysdba
    what are the difference by just doing C>sqlplus / as sysdba?

    1. sqlplus / nolog : you did nothing but just came to the sql prompt without actually getting connected as any user (establishes no initial connection to Oracle Database)

      sqlplus '/ as sysdba' : actually going to connect you as Sys user with Sysdba role

  2. you can actually create database manually if your on sqlplus /nolog but your won't be able to configure control file parameter