Saturday 22 June 2013

Post / Broadcast of System Message

As administrator, you might want to broadcast system messages to all the SAP users. Example to inform users on the downtime schedule of the system that will be shutdown for maintenance.  This can be achieve easily with TCODE: SM02


1) Execute TCODE: SM02 and click the "create new message" button

2) Enter the relevant message, select the server and client for the message to be shown and the duration for the message to be display on the expires on option and the date for the message to be delete. Click the "tick" button to save the message.

3) The newly created message will be shown in the list

4) The message will be shown when user logon as a new session

5) To modify the message contents, double click on the list and click the "edit" button at the bottom for changes. Made the necessary changes and click save

6) Message shown in display mode

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