Tuesday 4 June 2013

Introduction to SQL Quickviewer (SQVI) - Alternative to SE16

Building a SAP Query in 3 minutes

Are you stuck in a situation on extracting multiple table data and required quick retrieval of data instead of using SE16 to export the table data and do your own joining and linking of table data.

SAP Quickviwer (sqvi) - Custom Report Builder

Steps to create the query

1) Execute tcode: sqvi

2) Enter a name and click “Create” a new query

3) Enter the relevant details

4)  Add the relevant tables and the join will be link automatically

5) Select the fields to used

6) Pick for “List fields” for fields to display and “Selection Fields” for filtering, click “Execute” to try on the query

7) Fill up the filtering information and click the “Execute” button

8) Done.. here you go for the end results. Export it to Microsoft Excel, Access for further usage

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